About WP 21 Century

WP 21 Century creates rich media plugins for WordPress. The Flagship of plugins is S3Media Stream™ Enterprise. This is the demo and developer site for S3Media Stream Enterprise for JWplayer 7.x.

You are free to explore this site but keep in mind that sometimes posts are under construction. Look out for a red sign on the right when we are testing.

We are working on version 8

JW Player 8 is out, so we work on S3Media Stream Enterprise 8 to accommodate to the latest player. As usual with whole number updates, this comes with quite some changes. Therefore,  some features shown on this site will become obsolete, like:

  • JW Player 7 skins are not compatible and must be redone in the new format. It is not clear yet whether it is possible to get exactly the same result.
  • RTMP streaming is deprecated.  We will make sure that RTMP shortcode gracefully slides back to progressive download on the condition that you have set a HTML5 web distribution as a fallback in older versions of S3MediaStream.
  • 7 license keys are not compatible with version 8 and new users can’t obtain a 7 license anymore.

The new version is scheduled for 15 December.